The Best Memory Foam Mattresses You Can Buy Online

If you’re looking for a mattress that will support your every sleep position, relieve pressure points, and contour your body, this comprehensive post is for you to buy the best memory foam mattresses.

Memory foam mattresses, also known as memory mattresses, are topped with a layer of temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material (memory foam), Did you know that memory foam — the same material that’s frequently used in mattresses — was originally created by NASA to cushion airplane seats? 

Today, though, memory foam has become one of the most sought-after mattress materials, Thanks to its unique ability to relieve pressure on painful joints while still molding to your body.

memory foam is often a good option for people who suffer from back or joint pain, toss and turn in the night or deal with a restless sleeping partner. Plus, the best memory foam mattresses will last for years, bouncing back into their original shape without sagging or becoming lumpy. 

A good night’s rest can reduce your risk of diabetes and heart disease, improve your concentration, reduce stress levels, and help you avoid common illnesses. We bring you the best-recommended memory foam mattresses to simplify the decision-making process. 

Simba mattress

The perfect mattress didn’t exist until this was invented, (That’s what the manufacturer claimed) but despite this, the mattress was awarded best by WHICH? In 2020. Experience gravity-defying comfort and sleep cooler on the only mattress with Simba’s unique, patented titanium Aerocoil® spring-comfort layer. 5-star rated and our top recommended.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar’s premium 25 cm thick medium-firm memory foam mattress hugs your body and keeps you cool for the best of both worlds. Competitor memory foam mattresses have between up to 4cm of memory foam. The Nectar memory foam mattress has 9cm of memory foam. Nectar’s mattress is one of the best bed-in-a-boxes we’ve ever tested, not least because it comes with a full 365-night trial period. Plus, if you order now, you’ll get no fewer than five free gifts with your mattress. These include two premium pillows, a mattress protector, a duvet and a bedsheet set (worth up to £385 all told).

Air cool

Enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep night after night with the Pedic Deluxe 4G Aircool Memory Foam Mattress. The breakthrough heat transference technology used in our mattress features particles infused in the structure of the mattress which works to provide breathable and fresh sleeping space. This unique structure promotes airflow by a massive 95 percent so body heat and moisture can be removed from the foam effectively and you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Dream Cloud

Bring luxury into your bedroom with a DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattress. This combines the best memory foam and ActivEdge™ pocket springs to provide unrivaled support from single to super king. If you are a front, back or side-sleeper you will find the comfort and support for a perfect night’s sleep.

5g Mattress

Every Ergoflex mattress uses high-density visco-elastic memory foam to provide the superior body-molding support, comfort and longevity that we’re known for.  This mattress is not just the Cool-Sleep airflow layer that makes this Ergoflex® 5G altogether cooler. The design of the mattress from top-to-bottom with temperature regulation is a key feature. The class-leading high-density open-cell memory foam is designed to not only support your body and relieve pressure but also disperse heat more efficiently than previous generation memory foams, while the Tencel outer cover features vented 3D mesh panels at each end to prevent heat retention.

Benefits of Buying Memory Foam Mattresses

There are plenty of good reasons to buy memory foam mattresses,

  • They are great for all sleeping positions. If you are a back sleeper it helps to keep your spine in alignment, whereas side sleepers can enjoy steady support for their curves and joints allowing for less body aches.
  • Foam Mattresses promote healthy sleep patterns by helping you sleep longer and better. They are designed not only to support the body, but also to relax it.
  • They are durable, have the longest lifespans and don’t sag as compared to spring mattresses because of their strong yet flexible material. That means you won’t have to replace your bed for a long time, which will save you money.
  • Memory Foam Mattresses can also help reduce allergy symptoms because Polyurethane foam is constructed with a dense pattern of fibers which is highly resistant to common allergens.
  • These mattresses have temperature-controlled support by utilizing viscoelastic technology to provide a comfortable sleeping experience all year-round. 

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