The Best Domain Registrar in 2022

Looking for the best domain registrar? we have selected the best domain registrars to help you find the suitable one for your project without any hassle.

We know how difficult it is to find the best domain registrar to create an online presence. The process takes a lot of energy and time to choose the perfect one when there are a lot of companies offering different features. Some domain registrars offer cheap domains without privacy protection, while some others have all the features but they cost you a lot at the time of renewal. Then there are some of the best web hosting providers that also offer domain registration services, to make your journey easy by providing an all-in-one solution.

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How to Choose the Best Domain Registrar

Picking the best domain registrar is as important as picking the right domain name. No doubt domain name is the key element in any website and it is critical to choose a perfect domain name. But if you have quality content on your website, you will succeed no matter what your domain name is. Here are the factors to keep in mind while choosing the best domain name:

Pricing structure and Registration Period

Looking carefully for the domain registrar’s price plan is the very first thing you should keep in mind. Some domain registrars offer cheap domains when you buy them but after a year, they may cost you higher renewal prices. But there are companies that offer domain registration for up to several years. While looking for a pricing structure make sure to look at if there are any additional charges. We recommend going for a domain registrar that offers an affordable price and provides excellent services.

Domain Transfer Process

It often happens that if you are not satisfied with your current domain registrar you want to transfer to another. So, while purchasing it is important to keep an eye on the domain transfer policy of any domain registrar. Make sure to review the policy because sometimes the domain registrar companies may have time limitations, extra fees or they may have complex domain transfer processes. 

Data privacy and Security Measures

Data privacy should be your serious concern while looking for a domain registrar. To secure your personal information from being public, you should look for their data privacy policy. Try to avoid those companies that send false invoices and bad records such as those that sell customer data to a third party. To save your domain name to be hijacked, also look for domain registrars’ security measures.

Reliable Support

A reliable customer support in any form of business is very significant. Look for domain registrars with 24/7 customer support (from chat to a direct phone line) for technical support. We recommend reading reviews online for customer support of those domain registrars you want to buy a plan from.

Add-on Pricing

While purchasing always check if the domain registrars have a pre-check add-on available, don’t forget to uncheck them to avoid the extra cost. Companies usually have a gimmick and offer add-ons like web-hosting, SSL certificates and web design services, make sure to look for these before you pay.

The Best Domain Registrars

Here we have selected the best domain registrars to help you find the right one to save you from future problems and save your time, energy and money.

1. GoDaddy
Domain registrar

Reasons to Buy

+ Many hosting Add-Ons

+ Phone support

+ Free Whois protection

+ Affordable and easy to search

is the world’s largest domain registrar with 84+ million domains. But do you know GoDaddy is also a web hosting provider? Yes! Their hosting solutions range from web hosting to super-fast dedicated servers.

Whereas other domain registrars charge for domain privacy, GoDaddy offers domain privacy and protection when you purchase a domain at no additional cost. GoDaddy also offers a Full Domain Protection plan if you want to upgrade or want even more privacy. 

GoDaddy offers a variety of domains name extensions at extremely competitive prices with an easy-to-use management interface. GoDaddy is one of the best domain registrars for beginners and also for their hosting and domain registration deals. GoDaddy has also easily found available domains from over 500 domain extensions with Up to 100 subdomains to create a custom web address.

Click here for Prices and Domains available at GoDaddy

With domain investing you can buy a domain name and sell it for profit. For example, If you have an unused domain it can be worth money and like regular investing. Domain investing can be worth the time — just take a look at GoDaddy Auctions. You’ll see some domains have managed big money.

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2. Namecheap
Domain Registrar

Reasons to Buy

+ Cheap domain registrar

+ Free Whois Privacy

+ Free website builder

+24/7 live chat support

+ 2 minutes domain buying process

Namecheap was established as a domain registrar in 2000. After some successful years in the domain industry, Namecheap added other services including web hosting, security and managed WordPress to their platform. Now, the company has managed to serve 11 million customers in over 18 countries and hosts 3 million domain names worldwide. Namecheap provides affordable plans without the use of the upselling tactic to make money, unlike other companies.

Namecheap offers a huge variety of domain names at the most inexpensive rates, hence the name Namecheap. With a very quick domain buying experience and limited upsells you will never regret buying a domain from Namecheap. When you buy a domain from Namecheap their privacy service provider WhoisGuard hides your details and replaces them with anonymized information to keep you safe from unwanted phone calls, junk mail and identity theft. WhoisGuard is free forever to protect your information.

Get Shared hosting and receive a free .COM!

Click here for Prices and Domains available at Namecheap

Namecheap is pretty upfront in terms of billing and renewal prices. The auto-renew is already turned off so you can do not need to stress about the timeframe. Namecheap offers 24/7 live chat and a two-hour ticket response time which is pretty good.

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3. Bluehost
bluehost logo 1

Reasons to Buy

+ Affordable Pricing

+ Great value hosting bundle deal

+ 24/7 live chat

+ 30-day money-back guarantee

Bluehost is one of the companies that offer a free domain name with web hosting. We recommend Bluehost services for beginners to start building a new website. Bluehost offers a free domain with all of the hosting plans and this deal is perfect for individuals with a tight budget.

A quality web hosting and a free domain name are perfect to save your money and time. Their easy-to-use dashboard and free SSL certificate is something that everyone is looking for to build a website. If you are satisfied with Bluehost and want to continue their services for the next term, don’t worry! They offer auto-renewal to save you from doing it manually.

Domain Registrar

Click here for Prices and Domains available at Bluehost

Unlike GoDaddy and Namecheap, Bluehost does charge for domain privacy and protection for just $0.99 per month. If you want to add a domain lock to prevent any unauthorized domain transfers it cost $1.99 per month.

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4. Hostinger
Domain registrar

Reasons to Buy

+ Affordable for domain and web hosting

+ Domain checker included

+ Domain privacy protection

+ Hassle-free domain transfer process

Hostinger was established in 2007 as a free web hosting service and has become one of the most affordable hosting providers and domain registrations service. Now Hostinger is known as one of the best domain registrars suitable for small businesses.

Click here for Prices and Domains available at Hostinger

Hostinger offers an easy-to-use dashboard to manage your domains. Also offers a stress-free and easy domain transfer process to save your time and energy. Another positive is that Hostinger offers a free domain with their shared hosting plans (Only with Premium and Business).

As far as domain security is concerned Hostinger keeps your personal data with generic site information for maximum security. Since Hostinger is an ICANN accredited registrar, it is considered a trusted domain registrar and web host by millions of people in the world.


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5. 123 Reg
Domain registrar

Reasons to Buy

+ Affordable rates

+ Free DNS updates

+ No WHOIS editing fee

+ Phone support available

123 Reg is the UK’s number 1 service provider since 2000 with over 1.9 million domains registered in the UK. 123 Reg offers a vast variety of low-priced, unique extensions, with no hidden charges. The best part is customer support is available via phone, live chat or ticket support. But telephone support is only available for customers in the UK.

Click here for Prices and Domains available at 123 Reg

123 Reg offers a free website for the first 30 days when purchasing a domain, then just £1 per month. The domain transfer process is quite easy but some domain transfers will cost you, for example,, and domains can be transferred to 123 Reg free of charge whereas the .com domain will cost you to move.

123 Reg does not offer any free domain privacy so you have a pay a little amount to protect all personal information associated with your domain. 123 Reg is rising as a strong competitor. From domains and websites to hosting, VPS, WordPress, and marketing tools, 123 Reg has everything you need to build a professional online presence.

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Our Verdict

It is very difficult to choose the best domain registrar when there are several companies providing affordable plans for domains. If you have a tight budget and want to start a business online Bluehost is definitely the best option for you with a free domain name plus web hosting.

GoDaddy is another inexpensive and easy domain registrar that offers privacy and is considered one of the best domain registrars for beginners as well as large companies. But we recommend Namecheap as the best domain registrar for great customer support and comparatively cheaper prices than others in the market. 123 Reg is perfect for those living in the UK to build a professional online presence.

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